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Entry #12

Some Months Overdue, But I Finally Put Down My Controller for a Good 2 Minutes...

2011-07-26 22:07:26 by Gunstar-X

Yeah, pretty much done with Flash. Too much vidja gaems. Oh well. Shit happens.


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2011-08-18 04:20:38

Aww come on man, i don't wanna sound rude or anything, but i've been wanting to see Abunchofnessedupcrap 3 for two years atleast go out with a bang with that one last flash before you leave us for good :(

Gunstar-X responds:

I...I'd like too...but got damn man...there are just so many games...and so little find my free time to be non-existant nowadays cuz I just can't stop playing all these games with my friends. Like...I dunno, maybe one day, if my friends ever find out I did this shit and bitch me into doing a third...I'unno, I guess that'd give me the drive to do it? But...I...I just don't got that drive anymore...I really don't...I'm REALLY sorry man...


2011-09-12 03:58:22

Yus, you owe me Abunchofnessedupcrap 3. YOU OWE US ALL. D8


2011-09-29 16:48:17

But, you see, the problem is I no longer have the motivation! Everytime I think, oh, I should actually animate something since I keep promising it, then next thing I know I'm playing video games or some friend of mine is like "Hey, let's play video games!"
Like, I don't know, if I ever get the drive to actually open up Flash again without entering INSTANT Procrastination Mode, ok I guess I'll get on ABNUC3, but until then, dude, I can't even bring myself to get near Flash without getting the desire to play some Hat Fort (TF2) or Parsec47 or watching Doctor Who...


2011-11-29 19:32:57

Doctor Who IS a good reason to procrastinate.

I understand man, I've got 10 different interests right now and they all clash. @_@ Just wanted to give you a shout; it's been awhile.