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Yeah, pretty much done with Flash. Too much vidja gaems. Oh well. Shit happens.

I know no one read this but...

2011-03-12 03:26:09 by Gunstar-X

Despite telling some people I was gonna work on ABNUC 3...would anyone be mad if I went and made ABSUC 2?


2010-03-18 03:52:52 by Gunstar-X

So, with BrandO's support, I am now animating the hit rap of Megaman 2 by (formerly) The Adventures of Duane and brandO. So...yeah...that's coming in some months...

w00t! Finished PSI Call'n 27!

2009-08-02 14:25:43 by Gunstar-X

Twas made originally by DJ Not A DJ and animated by me. Please treat it nicely.

Not As Advertised...

2009-07-22 02:31:41 by Gunstar-X

...I honestly regret joining the All Sprites Collab...I thought it was awful...There were like 4 or 5 good parts in there, but the rest were either dumb or had the most n00bish animation ever. I hate to be this painfully honest, but that's exactly how I feel about think the collab organizer would have at least cut out the bad parts for quality parts or parts with not retarded humor...

The Zelda Collab is Out! HUZZAH!

2009-06-07 00:22:05 by Gunstar-X
Updated /498263
Check it out now! I'm in it too! :D

I made that scene a year ago and when I found out about this, I was dudes...and they were like "lol", and I was in. I'm so glad I finally got to use that lil bit. Although, the text is a little bit mutilated...I blame Snow-Fox for that... >:I

Soooo...Ya...I Listened...

2009-05-19 18:13:41 by Gunstar-X

Well...inpachi3 asked me to change my news I did......although I really have nothing to post.....I do all my ranting and blogging and what not on my tumblr......

I guess the only real news I can post is that if anyone has any questions and/or suggestions or whatever, I'm listening and I always have time for the fans and what not.... Hell, a guy PM'd me not to long after ABNUC2 was released asking me how I manually ripped sprites. So I put a UStream to show some guy how I did it. Believe me, I have plenty of I'm bored......

Ready to Upload ABNUC2

2009-02-26 19:01:53 by Gunstar-X

So, I finally finished A Bunch of NESsed Up Crap 2. It'll be released either tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday.

Just started working on it. Here's a preview skit. Expect it to be a running gag. Also, see if you can find the hidden easter egg. /79875_NESsed_Up_Crap_2.php /79875_NESsed_Up_Crap_2.php?lightbox (Same thing, but with that lil light box thingy...)


2008-06-12 14:59:56 by Gunstar-X

I'm pretty sure no ones listening at this point, but I'm fucking BACK! I intend to jump right the hell back into Flash! Starting by finishing 1 or 2 projects that need finishing, than starting immediate work on A Bunch of NESsed Up Crap 2!